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Ideal for stock analysts, traders, economists, academics, financial advisors and industry experts who want to devote their own exemplary stock research and make a mark amongst other investors. The contributors can be individual, investors, fund managers, academicians, analyst and basically anybody who want to share investment insights with our community. We expect contributors to devote their research articles on a consistent basis and become an active member. Currently, this is on an Invite-only basis.

  • Earn handsomely for each published article (check current payouts below)
  • Exclusive invites for participation in investing events.
  • Showcase your expertise in front of fund managers, employers, potential customers and investors.
  • Get followers and meet like minded people who are passionate about investing

Follow below mentioned steps to become a contributor

  • Step 1

    Sign in to your account (if you don't have an account yet, get free account here)

  • Step 2

    Complete your profile from my profile page (basic details like your image, your experience and about you to help us evaluate your application

    Complete Your Profile

  • Step 3

    Apply for contributor access by clicking here

    Request for Contributor Access

Current Payout Structure for Contributors

Contributors are paid handsomely for the research they provide. They are paid for the published artciles a fixed fee, a performance based incentive and a quality incentive. Click on link below to see the current payouts: