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Screener Research Unlisted Startup Funding New IPO New - A platform for intelligent investors offerings can be classified broadly into 2 categories

  • Marketplace for buying and selling unlisted shares:

    • Marketplace for buying and selling unlisted shares: is India‚Äôs top portal for buying and selling unlisted shares. We provide investors data, insights, research, technology and world class customer support to be able to trade in unlisted securities.

    India's first crowdsourced stock research platform

    • provides investors high quality independent research powered by actionable data, investment tools like Sharescart Screener, Sharescart Watch, Sharescart Portfolio, etc , Market news and crowdsourced research. Our research is created by passionate investors, for investors. We believe deep Insights can be provided by Experienced Professionals too - not just Brokers or Banking Firms. All research goes through stringent quality checks by in-house editors, then read and debated by millions of people. With over 5000 companies being traded every day on the Indian stock market, research is available only for top 100-200 companies. Sharescart research club helps retail investors reach out to such hidden treasures which are not covered by big brokerage houses by providing a platform for providing research.

How Can You Be A Part of Sharescart

Get Free Account: You can join Sharescart and get access to screener and research club absolutely free.

Get Premium Features: For advanced features and unlimited access, you can convert your free account to a premium account for a nominal subscription cost. Once you create a free account, you can always convert into a premium account from your profile section.

Become A Contributor

Sharescart publishes research from thousands of contributors. Our contributors include stock analysts, traders, economists, academics, financial advisors, industry experts, individual investors, professional investors, and basically anyone with good insights. Many individual investors have better investment track records than professionals and possess valuable insights that can help other investors.

To become a contributor you must be approved by our in-house editors, who ensure each author and article meets our quality and compliance standards.

Contributors who publish their articles on Sharescart get variety of benefits such as:

  • Earn handsomely for each published article
  • Exclusive invites for participation in investing events.
  • Showcase your expertise in front of fund managers, employers, potential customers and investors.
  • Get followers and meet like minded people who are passionate about investing
  • Get exposure, fame and opportunity to share and learn
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Become a channel Partner

If you are an Independent Financial Advisor or have Clients who are Interested in Investing - this could be a great opportunity for you.

With, you can get a platform through which you can help your clients invest their funds into a new class of assets known as unlisted shares. By partnering with us you will get a lifetime membership to the portal and your clients can get multifold returns and diversification opportunities.

Without any investment and setup requirements like telecaller, software etc, you can earn weekly commissions by working full-time or part-time. To better assist you in this, our experts provide you with regular training, thesis and valuation and a Digitized system/CRM absolutely free of cost.

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