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Indore, India

A passionate and driven individual with three years of hands-on experience in the stock market and a prestigious NISM Certification as an equity research analyst. Currently, I am embarking on a finance internship at Arihant Capital Markets Ltd while pursuing a dual MBA(Tech) degree at NMIMS. My expertise spans both fundamental and technical stock screening, and I am particularly interested in conducting IPO analyses and assessing the long-term fundamentals of various stocks. My ultimate vision is to excel as a highly successful research analyst in the future.

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Rural Electrification Limited (RECLTD)- A Financial report

RECLTD, an Maharatna PSU Company is one of the most prominent financer for electricity projects across India. From past year, its stock price has seen an impressive surge in 240%. Does REC could sustain this price? or there is chance in growth of stock price from current levels?. This report covers all the fundamental key aspects of the company, along with technical analysis

PVR-INOX Merger- unlocking future value

PVR Limited and INOX Leisure Limited\'s merger was finalised on February of this year, is this merger was done to increase synergy between firms and tackle the increase of OTT platforms in India or just to be a monopoly in the multiplex industry?

Vedanta demerger- value unlocking or red flag for investors?

Recent news of Vedanta\'s demerger into 6 different entities have created euphoria for the company, resulted in fresh buying and increase in positivity for company. However there are many hidden insights inside this action. We would simply understand this in the article

Management analysis of stock- The ultimate Checklist

Management analysis in stock analysis involves assessing a company\'s leadership, strategy, and decision-making to gauge its competence, transparency, and alignment with shareholders\' interests, helping investors evaluate potential risks and returns. This checklist would help investors to screen stocks by their management, making analysis much more efficient\r\n

"Diving Deeper: Unveiling the Secrets of the Cash Flow Statement"

this article describes what to look upon the most important financial statement of company- cash flow statement. It is easy to manipulate PnL statement but very difficult for cash flow statement. It gives various insights about company\'s finances. so let\'s see what we could analyse from cash flow statement

Canara bank research report

Canara bank posted its highest Net profit of 10,604 crores for the first time in years in FY 2022-23. not canara bank but all of the PSU banking sector looks promising and recording level high profits. Public banks which became burden for government with huge debts soon became one of major revenue sources for them. In this article we would look upon the fundamental as well as technical research of Canara bank, with levels

Aeroflex IPO Case study

Aeroflex Industries Limited, an company operating in manufacturing of metallic hoses is coming up with IPO. This case study would cover the company and industry it is operating, and it is advised to apply in this IPO or not

US Credit Rating Downgrade- an case study

Recently American credit rating agency, Fitch downgraded the credit rating of United States due to high levels of increase in debt of country in recent years and frequent increase in debt ceiling. This article covers the case study over the issue with knowledge of credit ratings

SBFC finance IPO- A detailed report

A new NBFC in market, SBFC Finance is coming up with an IPO of Rs. 1200 Crores in august. Mainly the company provides funds to three asset classes- MSMEs, gold and infrastructure. The company has strong financials and has posted better results in recent years. This report covers all the important Information about the company in detail.

Research report on Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

Ujjivan small finance bank has reported strong earnings of FY 2022-23, with increase of 49% in net profits over past FY. This report contains detailed research on Ujjivan small finance bank, covering its key fundamentals and technicals.