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As a long-term investor, I focus on undervalued stocks having potential to generate market-beating returns. Focus is entirely on multi-bagger stocks that are being categorized as small-cap or mid-cap.

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How J. Kumar lnfraprojects Limited plans to play its infrastructure game

J. Kumar lnfraprojects Limited’s fresh order inflows over the previous few years remained healthy, with orders coming at INR 9,481 crore in last 18 months ending in September 2023. \r\nThe company continues to have established track record of operations of more than 4 decades, aided by its strong and experienced management team and demonstrated capabilities while executing relatively complex underground metro projects.

Analysing growth opportunities for Indo Count Industries Ltd

Indo Count Industries Ltd differentiates itself from competitors with its track record of superior product quality and efficient execution of its contracts. Favourable industry dynamics and comfortable capital structure are expected to support the company in achieving above-average growth.\r\n

Detailed analysis on Genesys International Corporation Ltd.

Increased government support and favourable industry dynamics should act as principal growth enablers for Genesys International Corporation Ltd. Genesys International Corporation Ltd. has raised its shareholding in A N Virtual World from ~66% to ~97.50% during FY23. \r\n

Detailed research report on Ador Welding Ltd

Ador Welding Limited has established long standing relationships with all suppliers and customers, which includes few big players and has established strong network of distributors. Diversified end-user industry base and strong industrial dynamics should act as principal growth enablers.

A detailed equity research report on Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Diversified revenue mix of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and healthy liquidity profile are expected to act as principal growth enablers. Established track record and large manufacturing capacities of the company with adequate pool of trained manpower should continue support revenue growth. \r\n

Strong order book position and government support should lend support to Salasar Techno Engineering Limited

Tangible net worth of Salasar Techno Engineering Limited saw an improvement to INR399.60 crore in FY23 from INR281.10 crore in FY22. Overall, gearing has improved to 0.68x in FY23 in comparison to 0.86x in FY22.\r\nIt has adequate liquidity position and it has long-term secured borrowings from banks, to tune of INR49.51 crore as on 31st March 2023.\r\n

Hindustan Unilever Limited: Strong market presence and linkages with Unilever Plc should support growth

Financial risk profile of Hindustan Unilever Limited is strong and is being supported by healthy operating cash flow, nil gearing, largely unutilised bank lines and stable net worth. The company has high operating efficiency due to its strong distribution network, geographically-diversified production facilities and linkages with parent, Unilever Plc. \r\n

Detailed research on ADF Foods Limited

Favourable industry dynamics and strong financial position are expected to act as principal growth enablers for ADF Foods Limited. Demand for healthy and high-quality food continues to increase as Indians adopt healthier lifestyles and eating habits. As a result, demand for the company’s products should increase.

Analyzing growth opportunities for Fineotex Chemical Limited

Fineotex Chemical Limited focuses on capitalising on emerging opportunities through development of newer range of products which should serve ever-changing customer needs.\r\nFocus of the company remains on reinforcing its established market leader position through making investments in technology, infrastructure, manufacturing and product development. \r\n

What factors are likely to support Beta Drugs Limited? Let's explore!

Oncology market in India continues to grow at better rate than overall pharma industry growth.\r\nSince cancer is 2nd largest cause of death in India, Indian market appears to be characterized by huge demand for cancer drugs.\r\n

A detailed equity research report on Yasho Industries Ltd

‘Make in India’ initiative should facilitate industry with common infrastructure and consequent rapid flow of foreign direct investment into sector which should help accelerate growth. Strong credit metrics and diversified product portfolio are expected to act as principal growth enablers.\r\n

Knowledge Marine & Engineering Works Ltd: Increased government support should support growth prospects

By 2025, Knowledge Marine & Engineering Works Ltd will focus on reducing its capital & operational costs, enhancement of fleet, optimizing capacity utilization and enhancement of market share. \r\nGiven the company’s strong outlook, it has strategised to diversify into several new business segments such as developing Fishing Harbours, river dredging, rock dredging, entering into Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) Market, ship building, etc.\r\n

Strong FDI inflows and sound industry dynamics should lend support to Aditya Vision Ltd

Strengthening of store level economics has been validated throughout several years and market cycles. This has enhanced confidence of investors to scale business profitably.\r\nStrong financial foundation of the company is supported by its cash and carry model, effective inventory management and negligible long term-debt. \r\n

A detailed analysis on Venus Pipes & Tubes Ltd.

Strong understanding by Venus Pipes & Tubes Limited of market dynamics has helped establish healthy relationships with suppliers and customers which should ultimately help in improving margins of the company.\r\nThe company’s FY23 was supported by higher capacity, successful ramp-up in operations and increased demand for its products. It has more than doubled its capacity with addition of hollow pipe manufacturing unit in FY23, which should support revenue growth in medium term.\r\n

Detailed analysis on UGRO Capital Limited

During FY23, UGRO Capital Limited operationalized several co-lending/co-origination arrangements and has been categorised as a leader in “Lending-as-a-service” business model. The company’s co-lending AUM, as on March 2023, came in at INR2,442 crores. Given that it has a huge lender base of more than 60 lenders, going forward in FY24, it will focus on consolidating count of lenders and plan to increase ticket size per lenders with an unwavering focus on reducing borrowing costs. \r\n

Detailed analysis on SG Finserve Ltd

SG Finserve is expected to have strong operational synergies with AATL and its subsidiaries and will only provide credit to dealers and vendors of AATL in near term. \r\nSG Finserve will continue to get strong support from APL Apollo Group. \r\n

Pondy Oxides & Chemicals Ltd.: Strong business risk profile and balance sheet liquidity should lend some support

Pondy Oxides & Chemicals Ltd. has a well-diversified supplier and procurement base, with more than 270 suppliers and procurement from more than 90 countries. Import of lead scrap in India is subject to licensing from Ministry of Environment and Forest, while establishment of lead recycling plants need permissions from central and state pollution boards, resulting in entry barriers for new entrants. The company continues to focus on aluminum and plastic verticals, which enables diversification. It has started commercial production for aluminum. It is exploring scaling up of copper vertical. Diversification and revenue contribution from such verticals should be beneficial for the company. \r\n

Strong market position and government support should help Raghav Productivity Enhancers Ltd.

Despite higher competition, Raghav Productivity Enhancers Ltd. has established its position as a market leader in ramming mass manufacturing segment. Apart from this, superior product quality resulted in higher-than-average realizations. Established market position and customer base, healthy operating efficiencies and financial risk profile are expected to act as growth enablers. \r\n

A detailed research report on Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited is of strategic importance to IOCL. Latter has, and will continue to own majority stake in former. Parent has strong representation on the company’s board, including a common chairman. The company can see operational synergies as IOCL is also in same business. Such synergies include pooled sourcing of crude oil with support of IOCL, and benefits from parent’s bulk purchase.\r\n

Vaibhav Global Limited: Healthy financial profile and favorable sectoral dynamics should lend support

Vaibhav Global Ltd has its own manufacturing set-up in Jaipur, Rajasthan, catering to ~70% of its fashion jewellery requirements. It sources lifestyle products (like watches, hair accessories, etc.) and balance ~30% of jewellery is being retailed directly from its stable supplier network in over 30 countries, such as China, Thailand, etc. \r\nStrong brand presence of the company-owned channels in US and UK, attractive value positioning of products and healthy financial profile are expected to support Vaibhav Global Ltd. \r\n

An equity research report on Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd

Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd continues to focus on building an efficient chemical complex in India and globally. Its focus continues to be on safety and ESG. \r\nThe company aims to control its net working capital and inventories to optimize cash conversion cycle\r\n

Strong industry dynamics and diversified revenue base should support Neuland Laboratories Limited

Neuland Laboratories Limited developed qualified sources from India, Europe and US so that multiple sources can help make supply chain sustainable and reduce dependency on China. The company continues to work to shorten supply chain and develop geographically closer sources. Neuland Laboratories Limited is committed to price discovery and increasing visibility through digitisation of supply chain. It will continue to de-risk supply chain by qualifying two or more vendors for KSMs.

Siyaram Silk Mills Limited: Favourable industry dynamics and strong brand recall should support next leg of growth

• Given financial strength, strong brands, manufacturing expertise, technical capabilities, and widespread distribution of Siyaram Silk Mills Limited, the company targets to pursue sustainable and profitable sales growth over long run. The company’s financial discipline, strong corporate governance, and astute risk management should continue to support balance sheet of the company. \r\n

SOM Distilleries & Breweries Limited: Favourable demographics should support next leg of growth

SOM Distilleries & Breweries Limited is only listed company in India having both Beer and IMFL, which complement each other and minimizes risk of seasonality while providing marketing efficiencies. The company continues to focus on enhancing brand presence through CSD and market expansion in states including Uttar Pradesh and Delhi in addition to existing stronghold markets. \r\n

How much heat is left in Precision Camshafts Ltd?

Enforcement of BS-VI standards, government’s policy support and cost-effective manufacturing base are some factors which should support automotive industry and Precision Camshafts Ltd is likely to gain. Healthy market position in passenger vehicle camshafts and stable financial risk profile are some of factors which should act as principal growth enablers. \r\n

Recent project wins and increased government support should help Patel Engineering Limited

Growth drivers of Patel Engineering Limited include increased government focus, increased funds earmarked for developmental activities, strong order book, favourable industry dynamics and recent project wins. Under National Infrastructure Plan, government has proposed expansion of National Highway network by 60,000 km by 2025 in strategic locations, major economic corridors, and major cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. Patel Engineering Limited is in a strong strategic position to take benefits of these opportunities. \r\n

Prozone Intu Properties Limited: India’s growth story should lend primary support

Over past couple years, Prozone Intu Properties Limited amassed winning land bank in strategic emerging micro-markets. Focus on generating free cash flows should act as principal growth accelerator. Real estate sector growth should seek support principally from growth in corporate environment.\r\n

How much more heat is left in Karur Vysya Bank?

Customer-centric approach and diverse suite of offerings are expected to lend support to Karur Vysya Bank. In commercial banking group, Karur Vysya Bank is focused to adopt cluster-based approach to cater to MSME market specially in agro-based industries, retail, pharmaceuticals & health care, etc. Strong distribution network and sticky customer base should act as principal growth enablers of Karur Vysya Bank. \r\n

Let's explore growth potential in Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited

Business and financial risk profiles should sustain in medium term due to strong market position, healthy operating efficiency, and expectation of adequate subsidy budget allocation by Indian Government. Healthy liquidity and comfortable financial risk profile should continue to support investments in long-run. Established market position and operating efficiency are expected to act as principal growth enablers.\r\n

How will Bharat Rasayan Limited achieve next leg of growth?

Focus on high growth segments and implementing critical initiatives are expected to act as growth enablers for Bharat Rasayan Limited. Wide marketing and distribution network should help Bharat Rasayan Limited to see healthy revenue growth. Strong capital structure, and healthy debt coverage indicators should enable the company to make further investments.\r\n

CyberTech Systems and Software Limited: Let's uncover factors likely to support growth

Revenue growth of CyberTech Systems and Software Limited is likely to stem from sales and digital sales, cashflow management, focus on high-margin products, etc. Increased use of geospatial analytics, internet penetration, infrastructural developments, growth in cellular networks, and other key factors should support growth of geospatial industry. Both margins and revenue growth of the company should come from US market. \r\n

Huge market potential and current share make up a case for Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd.

Over long term, Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. continues to focus on expanding resort network at an accelerated pace. It has multiple annuity revenue streams and enhanced operational efficiencies. Key growth differentiators include its unique and solid business model and large base of loyal and committed members. \r\n

Gateway Distriparks Limited: Favourable Industrial Dynamics and Credit Profile Should Lend Support

The company believes it is future ready, with plans of balance sheet management and new capital expenditure in place. GDL aims to invest in Rail linked satellite terminals in North India. Over next 2 years, the company plans to incur capex of INR250 Cr. \r\n

Mahindra Logistics Ltd: Growth story should stem from asset-light business model

Logistics industry should be able to continue its robust growth, but 3PL logistics should be able to grow at a rapid pace and lead to growth of fulfilment logistics, channel consolidation and cross border logistics. Asset-light business model and favourable market dynamics should act as principal growth enablers. Mahindra Logistics Ltd focuses to be INR10,000 Crores logistics service provider by FY26, delivering strong customer experience through technology-enabled solutions. Focus is also on digitization & innovation and expanding offerings. \r\n

Brigade Enterprises Limited: Growth likely to stem from recovery in economic activities

Focus on digital marketing, online booking of apartments and collections yielded results in difficult times when India was under lockdown. Strong balance sheet is an added advantage and Brigade is in a good position to manage operations. Business obligations should be met by maintaining adequate liquidity. In real estate, it has strong pipeline of ongoing projects of ~17.03 Mn sft.

Nazara Technologies Limited: Growth should be supplemented by increased adoption and industry dynamics

Plans are there to target profitable growth and Nazara Technologies Limited prioritizes growth over profit maximization so that it can achieve and maintain market leadership in all segments. It has a diversified and de-risked business model, having several levers of long-term growth.

Digital adoption and industry dynamics should support Shemaroo Entertainment Limited

Recovery in media and entertainment sector and growth in entertainment consumption are expected to act as principal growth enablers. The company marked its entry into broadcasting space by launching 2 new channels – Shemaroo MarathiBana and Shemaroo TV. This entry into broadcasting should be considered as a long-term strategic investment towards taking a bite of large advertising pool and this should diversify revenue model.\r\n

Favourable Sectoral Dynamics and Supportive Regulations Should Lend Support to Bilcare Limited

Focus on cost reduction and improvement in production efficiencies should lend support to next leg of growth. Support of regulatory environment and opportunities offered by global clinical supplies market should help Bilcare Limited achieve reasonable growth rates.\r\n

Brand Value and Favourable Dynamics of Sector Are Main Parameters Supporting The Indian Hotels Company Limited

Well-diversified suite of hospitality offerings and healthy growth prospects should act as growth enablers once travel and tourism sector gets back on growth path. Focus on cash conservation and adequate liquidity measures should lend some support and help the company achieve growth. During tough times, the company expanded portfolio with 12 openings at an average of 1 hotel per month.\r\n

ICICI Bank: Market Dominance and Government Support Should Lead Growth

During tough operating environment, ICICI bank saw healthy growth in core operating profit and its capital and liquidity position was strong. Franchise has been strengthened supporting robust flow of deposits. Improvement in asset quality parameters was also seen with granular and stronger portfolio mix. ICICI bank will continue to build on its long-term strategic focus of growing core operating profits in risk calibrated and granular manner. ICICI bank aims to further strengthen liabilities franchise. Leveraging of extensive network with wide geographical reach and comprehensive range of products and services should help bank achieve sustainable profit growth. \r\n

Parag Milk Foods Limited: Favourable Dynamics and Product Launches Make Up A Case

To enhance product reach, Parag Milk Foods Limited plans to strengthen distributor & stockists base to target higher retail penetration. Parag Milk Foods Limited plans to increase Ad spend on various channels like television, newsprint, digital media to strengthen its brands. Target of increasing value-added product portfolio should be achieved by focusing on health and nutritional aspect in development of premium products.

Federal Bank Limited Should Seek Support from Healthy Asset Quality and Credit Growth

Stable asset quality and reliable business strategy are expected to act as principal growth enablers. Gold loans saw a growth of 17% to reach INR18,469 crores in 1Q23, with retail advances growing 14% to reach INR49,872 crores year-over-year. Commercial banking advances saw 10.23% growth year-over-year to touch INR12,865.20 crores.

Atul Auto Limited: Strong Industry Dynamics Should Stem Growth

Growth drivers in near term include network expansion, penetration in domestic market, exploring overseas market, launch of e-vehicles in potential domestic market and developing various application and upgradation of existing product portfolio. Strategic tie-ups involving leading banks and NBFCs should offer retail financing for vehicles. Automobile industry should seek support from factors like availability of skilled labour at low-cost, strong R&D centres, and low-cost steel production.

Distribution network and market presence should stem growth for Heritage Foods Limited

Heritage Foods Limited has an extensive presence and is consistently expanding its distribution, enlarging its portfolio and making continuous investments in brand. Market position and management of working capital should act as principal growth enablers. Strong distribution network should continue to help in product supply. Heritage Foods Limited focuses on penetrating into newer geographies and expanding presence into existing ones so that distribution footprint and product outreach can be increased.

Why investing in equities is better than FDs? Read on to find out!

Several asset classes are available in market place and rationality lies in achieving a balance between risks and opportunities. Investments have their own risks and opportunities and both should be evaluated before investing hard-earned money. There are different asset classes for different age categories. While assessment of risks remains an important task, idea behind investing should be that returns generated should be able to beat inflation. Surprisingly, not all investments are able to achieve this milestone.

Strong Market Presence and Inflows Should Stem Growth For HDFC Asset Management Company

HDFC asset management company plans to capitalise on existing reach and distribution network and focus is on enhancing it. Performance of HDFC asset management company should seek support from significant recovery in stock markets. Rising awareness about mutual funds should result higher participation of individual investors.

Market leadership and capital-light model should enable growth for Edelweiss Financial Services Limited

In FY20, diversified business model supported Edelweiss Financial Services Limited as 3 out of 4 businesses saw minimal impact. This was despite ~8 quarters of market dislocation. Edelweiss Financial Services Limited has made a decision to divest stake in Edelweiss Gallagher Insurance Brokers Ltd. Market leadership and focus on gaining market share are expected to act as principal growth enablers.

Godrej Consumer Products: A company with healthy financials and diversified revenue streams

During present times, Godrej Consumer Products Limited should benefit as it is FMCG company, with strong portfolio to deliver in COVID-19 world. Roughly 80% of its product portfolio includes health (household insecticides), hygiene, and value for money products. Godrej Consumer Products Limited launched sanitiser products across India and SAARC, Indonesia, Africa, Latin America, and USA businesses. Plans are there to scale these up into full portfolios. Diversified revenue profile and strong brands should help Godrej Consumer Products Limited perform in challenging times.

Strong cash flows and healthy order book likely to lend support to Va Tech Wabag Ltd

Significant fall in debt and favourable sectoral dynamics should lend some support to stock price of Va Tech Wabag Ltd. The company is having strong credit metrics and adequate liquidity profile, enabling it to deal with sectoral challenges. With focus on emerging markets, the company plans to fill a huge infrastructural gap.

As market tumbles, Asian Paints Limited should be a good bet

As business activities should improve and construction activities should resurge, demand conditions should see some improvement. Unforeseen circumstances due to COVID-19 pandemic should be taken care by the company’s sufficient liquidity resources. Global presence and distribution strength have supported in past and should continue to act as growth enablers.

Digital initiatives and solid supply chain should stem growth of Pidilite Industries Limited

Pidilite Industries Limited remains confident of medium to long-term prospects of home improvement sector, and it continues to focus on delivering profitable volume-led growth. Resurgence of construction activities should act as a principal growth enabler.

Strong Brand Equity and Sectoral Opportunities Should Support Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd

Strong capital and market position should continue to act as principal growth accelerators. Competitive strengths include strong brand equity and technological infrastructure. Blow of COVID-19 should be minimised due to adequate retained earnings and steps taken to reduce costs.

Agro Tech Foods Ltd: Growth to Stem From Sectoral Dynamics and Successful Launches

Diversified foods portfolio due to continued innovation and tight cost control initiatives should continue to act as principal growth accelerators. Agro Tech Foods Ltd has strong innovation pipeline across its 5 Foods categories. Plans are there to leverage innovation to deliver Foods growth. Sectoral dynamics and strong market position should provide needed support.

Business Resilience and Exports Make Up a Case for Trident Limited

E-commerce vertical and exports should continue to act as principal growth accelerators. India’s superior quality of textile should continue to provide edge to Indian companies and major portion of India’s export of textiles is done to US & UK. Significant availability of raw material and manpower provides advantage to Indian companies in global textile space.

Asset-light Business Model and Enough Work Orders Make Up a Case for BLS International Services Limited

Asset light business model of BLS International Services Limited supports on focusing better returns and efficient capital utilization. The company is a cash accretive business, with projects entailing direct collections from its customers. Sound credit measures and global presence should act as principal growth accelerators.

Favourable Industry Dynamics and Economic Revival Should Support Nahar Capital & Financial Services Ltd

Strong liquidity profile and revised allocation should act as principal growth enablers. Revival in economic and business activities and opening up of Indian economy should help Nahar Capital & Financial Services Limited’s revenues. The company does investment business with a long-term perspective that should help repress temporary challenges.

Government Initiatives and Growth Strategies Should Lend Support to Elecon Engineering Company Ltd.

Favourable industrial dynamics and strong order book should act as principal growth enablers of Elecon Engineering Company Ltd. Favourable outlook of power sector is likely to lend support. PLI scheme by Government should provide support to domestic manufacturing output and growth opportunities to engineering industry.

Talbros Automotive Components Limited: This Automotive Stock Should Fuel Your Portfolio As Market Slides

Diversified product suite and large customer base should continue to act as principal growth enablers. Gaskets business should continue to be largest revenue contributor, with Forging business to remain second largest. In FY20, OEMs made 70% of the company’s revenue, while exports made 14%.

How Can Nitin Spinners Limited Add Value to Portfolio? Let's Find Out!

Versatile product mix & innovative offerings are expected to provide Nitin Spinners Limited a competitive edge. Pent up demand and reduced channel inventory should lend support to sales growth in FY22. Export demand should be led by competitive domestic cotton prices and trade tensions between US and China. With recovery in demand, growth should come from volumes and realisations in FY22.

As Market Loses Heat, NDTV Limited Is a Stock to Bet On

Substantial savings across all categories were clearly visible including legal & professional expenses, rent, travel, taxi hire, vehicle running maintenance etc. in FY21. Strong market presence and favourable sectoral dynamics should act as principal growth enablers. Operating and administrative expenses saw a decrease of INR4.31 million in comparison to 2020. This stands in continuation with focus on cost rationalization.

RSWM Limited: Healthy Liquidity Position and Capital Investments Should Lend Support

Favourable industry dynamics and financial strength should act as principal growth enablers of RSWM Limited. India has abundance of raw material including cotton, wool, silk and jute and country has competitive advantage like skilled manpower. New Textile Policy 2020 of Indian government focuses on making sector competitive, modern, sustainable and inclusive.

Control Print Limited- Strong Outlook and New Products Are Key

Control Print Limited plans to maintain EBITDA margins north of 24% on a long-term sustainable basis. The company crossed INR200 crore benchmark of annual revenue in FY21 and its expanded installed base and newly added user segments should help it deliver strong financial performance. Improvement in profit margin should stem from a higher share of consumables revenue.

Faze Three Limited- Strong Market Presence and Healthy Order Book Are Supporting Factors

Faze Three Limited has comfortable capital structure. It has significant ability to withstand supply chain pressures on its working capital. Entire internal accruals are being directed to accelerated expansion & operational growth. Faze Three Limited has zero long-term debt since FY18. Current replacement value of factories is estimated at around INR 365 crores, exhibiting significant barrier for entry.

Favourable Market Dynamics and Strong Demand Should Lend Support to Prakash Pipes Limited

Market size of CPVC pipes and fittings should increase from INR45 billion in FY20 to INR103 billion by FY25E. CPVC pipes and fittings is categorised as fastest growing segment in pipes sector. Agriculture and construction sectors make up a major market for PVC pipes & fittings. Urbanisation of India should rise from 35% to 39% over this decade. This should result in higher packaging industry demand.

Wider Reach and Healthy Product Portfolio Should Stem Monte Carlo Fashions Limited's Growth

Increased organized retail results in increasing availability and rise of private labels. These should be able to stem growth in near future. Growth of internet penetration and rise of e-commerce give consumers an easy access. Strong brand recall and wide reach are expected to act as principal growth enablers.

Cost Efficiency and Sales Growth Should Help Tinna Rubber and Infrastructure Limited

With improvement in domestic and international operating environment, the company should be able to achieve healthy performance. Recent investment and superior R&D capabilities are expected to act as principal growth enablers. Focus on debt reduction should help the company achieve sound profit levels.

United Drilling Tools Limited- A Company To Benefit from Favourable Market Dynamics

United Drilling Tools Limited has delivered industry leading performance as it has executed long-term growth strategy. The company has expanded international presence to maintain its growth appetite. Financial soundness is exhibited as it has doubled its capacity from its own investment funds. It is a debt-free company and generated INR143.52 crore in cash profit over past five years.

Recent Reforms and Competitive Strengths Should Lead VRL Logistics Limited On Road to Success

Planned infrastructure push sounded by Indian Government awaits implantation and this should bring economic revival and should support VRL Logistics Limited. The company continues to focus on high-margin LTL business and on expanding network into newer markets. Reliance on organized sector should lead to robust business opportunities for big players in this space.