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A bottom up investor primarily focused on small and mid caps listed on Indian stock markets. Following a growth at a reasonable price philosophy.

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JB Chemicals: Business Analysis

J.B. Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited (JBCPL), established in 1976, is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India and a leading player in the hypertension segment. The company has a strong presence in India while Russia and South Africa are the other key markets for the company.

Aegis Logistics: Business Analysis

Aegis Logistics Limited is a leading oil, gas, and chemical third-party logistics company. It operates a network of bulk liquid handling terminals, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) terminals, filling plants, pipelines, and gas stations to deliver products and services for its client base which includes many leading industrial companies in India as well as individual retail customers who are served at Aegis Autogas stations. Aegis also operates internationally through its sourcing and trading subsidiaries located in Singapore.

Power Grid: Business Analysis

PGCIL has had a near monopoly in establishing and maintaining the power transmission assets of India over the years. It has earned predictable returns on its investment due to regulated ROE based tariff payout structure on majority of its capitalized transmission assets. The increased capitalization over the last few years augurs well for near term earnings however the reduced capex intensity will hinder cash flow accruals beyond a period as future growth will require increased capex intensity at some point. The company has started monetization of TBCB assets through InvITs which will allow it to invest in future projects.

Borosil Renewables: Business Analysis

Borosil Renewables is one of the flagbearers of renewable energy theme based investing and the company is one of the few located outside of China that is really looking to make its mark in an otherwise Chinese dominated industry structure.

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences: Business Analysis

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences is a multi-specialty hospitals under the “KIMS Hospitals” brand, with an aggregate bed capacity of 3600+. It is a strong brand in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana associated with high degree of medical competency under the leadership of Dr. Bhaskara Rao Bollineni.

Craftsman Automation Ltd: Business Analysis

Craftsman Automation is a diversified engineering company with integrated manufacturing operations. Its core competence in the powertrain segment includes its machining abilities, wherein it is the largest player in machining of cylinder blocks and cylinder heads for the M&HCV and construction equipment space in India. It is also one of the top players in the manufacturing of aluminium castings for the automotive industry. In order to diversify its revenue base, Craftsman has forayed into Industrial & Engineering segment where it develops storage solutions for clients besides offering aluminium products for power transmission industry.

Heranba Industries: Business Analysis

Heranba Industries is a fully integrated crop protection chemical manufacturer based out of Vapi, Gujrat. The company is a leading producer of pyrethroid based pesticides and is present across entire value chain of the manufacturing process.

Antony Waste Handling Cell: Business Analysis

An emerging player in a niche segment of waste collection, transportation and processing, Antony Waste Handling Cell is a play on rising urbanization and the ensuing waste generated due to our carefree lifestyle.

Vaibhav Global: Temporary Headwinds or Permanent Downtrend?

A business that appeared resilient and experienced strong growth during Covid has faltered during recent quarters. The stock has more than halved during the last 1 year and looking at the chart it seems like the business is doomed, but, is it?

Acrysil: Business Analysis

Acrysil is a rising smallcap delivering quartz sinks across the world. A testament of its quality is reflected in the presence of IKEA as the company\'s client. The company is also trying to expand its portfolio with products like premium bathroom fittings, built in appliances for modern homes among others.

EPL: Business Analysis

EPL’s product is probably the first thing we interact with when we wake up. EPL manufactures the tube in which toothpaste, beauty creams and medical ointment are packed. It is the medium through which we identify our favorite brands and use them on a daily basis.

Apcotex Industries: Business Analysis

Apcotex Industries was started as a division of Asian Paints in 1991. The division was later spun off as a separate company, which was headed by Mr. Atul Choksey, former MD of Asian Paints. It is currently a leading producer of synthetic rubber and latex in the country.

Polycab India: A Rising Giant

Polycab is a manufacturer of wires & cables as well as Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) which include products like fans, lights etc. The company sells its products under the brand name “Polycab”. It is the largest player in the domestic wires & cables industry and has also made its name in the FMEG industry by scaling the segment rapidly since it entered the industry in FY14.

Stylam Industries: An Emerging Player in the Wood Panel Industry

Stylam Industries Ltd is a manufacturer of laminates, solid surface panels and other allied products. It is one of the largest exporters of laminates from India and is also trying to increase its presence in the domestic market which is dominated by Greenlam currently. Further, Stylam has also announced its foray into Plywood manufacturing and is investing 60 crores to set up the necessary infrastructure.

Jubilant Foodworks: The QSR Giant

Jubilant Foodworks is the undisputed leader in the Indian QSR space. A slew of recent happenings like Mr. Pratik Pota\'s abrupt exit, decision to stop reporting SSSG, fortressing strategy have left the investors spooked and time will tell how the company emerges out from this. An Ignored Platform

Matrimony is a new age consumer tech company that no one seems to care about. Matrimony has charted a profitable journey in an industry where it is competing with VC backed money guzzling platforms. Its next bet is the Marriage Services segment.

Mastek: Charting an Ambitious Journey

Mastek has gone through a transformational journey in recent years and has successfully upped its delivery capabilities. Focus now is on clocking in a topline of $1 billion in the 2nd half of this decade. The company has a focused strategy in place and now everything rests on management\'s execution capabilities.

Metropolis Healthcare and the Indian Diagnostic Industry

Metropolis Healthcare is play on the evolving diagnostics industry of India. An underpenetrated industry with the dynamics favoring the organized players, Metropolis should be able to take advantage of the favorable tailwinds.

JK Cement: Strong Capacity Addition Plans Ahead

JK Cements is a grey and white cement manufacturer trying to diversify its geographical presence across India. It has regularly augmented its capacity over the years making it a formidable player in the cement industry. Future growth lies in ramping up capacity utilization levels across plants.

Can Fin Homes Ltd - Is Growth Around the Corner?

A leading Housing Finance company with a demonstrated history of superior asset quality and consistent low cost funding owing to the strong backing of Canara Bank.

Polyplex Corporation - Unwrapping a Packaging Giant

A reasonably valued packaging company that has displayed resilient growth across cycles and has rewarded shareholders through consistent dividend payouts and buybacks.