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What Is the Grey Market?

There are various markets for the trading of financial securities and while we are talking about markets, if you are someone who is an investor or are keen on knowing all the market updates, you must have surely come across the term ‘Grey’ Or ‘Gray’ Market. In this article we will understand what the grey market is, how does it work, is it legal and a lot more.

What Is Grey Market Trading?

Grey market is an unregulated, unofficial shares and application market for financial securities. It runs parallel to other markets such as formal stock exchanges but for companies and shares that are not listed on any stock exchange. When a stock that has been suspended from trading trades off the market or when new securities are bought and sold before the official trading begins, this is known as grey market trading.For a long time, there have been "grey markets" in India, and traders and investors often confirm the legitimacy of these exchanges. Before the shares are listed, traders and retail investors purchase them on the grey markets, which simulate a demand and supply situation. It also provides an exit strategy for anyone who has to withdraw from the IPO for whatever reason. Individuals can still purchase IPO shares even after the closing date

In the grey market, traders make unauthorized offers and bids on the company's shares. A company's equity is referred to as grey market stock, if it is offered to traders after the IPO date and price band announcements. It is typically controlled by a limited group of people, and transactions are dependent on mutual trust and confidence. In India, it is legal and unofficial to trade in shares on the grey market.

What is Grey Market Premium?

Grey market premium (GPM) is a premium amount at which grey market IPO shares are traded. The demand for a firm that is planning an IPO is used to calculate the grey market premium, also known as the IPO GMP. Immediately upon the publication of the IPO date and price band, the grey market begins informally in the unregulated market. Before investing in an IPO, investors always consider the premium, although this might change depending on the market, demand, and quantity of subscriptions.

The GPM depicts potential outcomes for the IPO on the day of listing. Although there is no guarantee, the GMP typically functions as intended and IPOs mostly list around the specified price.

What is Kostak Rate?

The Kostak Rate is the sum that an investor purchasing an initial public offering pays to the seller prior to the IPO's official launch or listing.The fluctuation of the Grey market premium is caused by bracket rates responding to the market. As a result, Kostak Rates are tied to the IPO Grey Market Premium so that investors might earn greatly from it.

People can sell the entire IPO application to the correct buyer, but since the buyer is unsure of how many shares the company will issue for that IPO, it becomes their responsibility.Another possibility is that the buyer will agree to pay a specific price for the application, and the seller and buyer will settle their discrepancies after the IPO is listed. The sum he pays the vendor is known as the Kostak Rate. The seller who is selling the application still bears the entire tax burden in the event of the Kostak Rates during the Grey market IPO sale.

Subject To Sauda

In the Grey market, the rate with which a buyer buys IPO shares is the Kostak rate, however, there is a “Subject to Sauda” clause as well.In the Subject to Sauda Clause, it will be mentioned that the deal will be valid only if the buyer gets the allotment during the actual listing. The subject to Sauda takes place when the buyer buys IPO shares before its listing in the share market.The Subject to Sauda further asserts that the buyer is not obligated to pay the Kostak Rate for the IPO application that they have purchased from the seller if the buyer is not allotted to the IPO listing.When an IPO share is traded, Sauda has a direct connection to the grey market premium.


It can be concluded that the stock's performance on the grey market predicts how it will do after it is listed. Despite being unofficial, the grey market is not against the law. Many parties and companies issuing an IPO find success with a grey market IPO.

Top Unlisted Companies & InstaBuy Companies

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Fundamental Analysis

Company Industry Stock P/E P/B Company rating MCAP (in Cr.) Current Price
Pharmeasy e-Commerce -1.7 1 6756 11
Reliance Retail Retailing 141.5 23 698659 1400
Orbis Financial Finance - Investment 64.1 13.7 3065 325

Top Recommendations

Hexaware Technologies

It is a leading global provider of BPO and IT services. Hexaware Technologies Limited provides IT consulting, software development, and business process services.

Unique Features

  • Delisted Company
  • Undervalued Stocks
  • Likely to Grow 2x

API Holdings

Incorporated in 2019, The company operates a consumer healthcare app called PharmEasy that enables the home delivery of pharmaceutical products.

Unique Features

  • Market Leader
  • Available now at 66% discount
  • QIB's invest at Rs.100 per share.

Sterlite Power

Sterlite Power began on 5th May 2015 and is headquartered in Delhi. It is a leading developer & solution provider in integrated power transmission.

Unique Features

  • Likely to grow in 4-5 years
  • Part of Vedanta Group
  • Decent Valuation

Signify Innovation

Incorporated in 2015. Signify is into the manufacturing of electric lights and light fixtures for consumers and professionals.

Unique Features

  • Lighting Industry
  • Part of Philips Group
  • Decent Valuation

Chennai Super Kings

CSK is a subsidiary brand of India Cements. This company is quite popular in India as it known for its cricket team.

Unique Features

  • Most loved IPL Team
  • LIC holds more than 6% Shares
  • One of the best businesses

Elcid Investment

Elcid Investments Limited was incorporated on 3 December 1981 in Mumbai. It is a Non-Banking Finance Company registered with the Reserve Bank of India.

Unique Features

  • NBFC
  • Listed Company
  • Book Value is Rs.6,16,440.

Studds Accessories

STUDDS is a leading manufacturer of motorcycle accessories and helmets. They become the largest helmet manufacturer (two-wheeler) in the world.

Unique Features

  • No.1 Brand of Helmets
  • Having business in 20+ countries
  • Trustworthy Management

Mohan Meakin

Mohan Meakin manufactures alcoholic beverages such as rum, whisky, beer, etc., and non-alcoholic beverages like apple juice, mineral water, etc.

Unique Features

  • Delisted Company
  • Decent Valuation
  • Popular alcoholic (Old Monk)

Orbis Financial

Orbis is recognized as a leading player in the Financial Services Industry, providing Securities Services since 2009 to FDI, Corporate, HNI's.

Unique Features

  • leading player
  • Decent Valuation
  • Excellent growth

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric President Systems Limited is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of customized enclosure systems for over 30 years.

Unique Features

  • Delisted Company
  • Undervalued Stocks
  • In FY22, 45% growth in Sales

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Reliance Retail Ltd

Price in 2019:
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Tata Technologies

Price in 2019:
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Absoulte return 477.27%

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